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"PALS for Kids is more than just speech therapy, it's a lifeline in the wilds of trying to navigate remote learning. The PALS team helped my son communicate more clearly within a matter of weeks, but they do so much more than that. Their patience, perseverance, imagination, humor, and kindness helped my son navigate his complex feelings during these, the most trying of times. I don't know how they did this without ever meeting in person, but their innovative techniques truly reached my young son. They developed his discipline, confidence, and abilities to share his thoughts without getting frustrated or upset. When my son returns to school full time, I know he will have the tools and ability to communicate clearly and that eases my mind greatly. There is nobody I trust more with my child's happiness, learning, or speech ability than PALS for Kids and I absolutely know they have changed his life. I'll be forever grateful to them."

Sarah R., NYC

“I cannot say enough positive things about the Pals for Kids team and their skill set in helping to provide speech therapy to children. Not only did they build my son’s confidence, they gave him the necessary strategies to continue to grow and improve in his overall speech. By using a speech notebook with work to reinforce his day to day speech and taking the time to “teach” my husband and I how we can help him to achieve his speech goals we were able to see dramatic improvements in a short period of time. The Pals for Kids team exhibits patience and a love for their work that clearly comes across to families who work with them. We are forever grateful for having them in our lives!”

Jesse M. Huntington, NY

"My 4 year old has been working with PALS for kids for the past 2 years. When she began therapy she had less than 25 words, was difficult to understand, and was frustrated by her own lack of communication skills.  PALS for kids uses a fun and playful approach and my daughter has already learned so much and looks forward to her sessions.  She has made tremendous growth with her speech and language skills and we owe it all to PALS for kids."

Lisa O. M.S. OTR/L

I have had the pleasure of working with Lori and Debbie for the past five years. They are professional, thorough, and my students love spending time with them! Year after year when either of them come into my classroom to get the student(s) they are working with, my students eagerly run to the door for their session. The extra support my students receive from Lori and Debbie has had a tremendous impact on the growth and development of my students and I am so grateful for their expertise.  They give me strategies to use in the classroom and are wonderful to work with.

Liz S. -Friends Academy Kindergarten Teacher

The team at PALS began working with my son when he was 5 years old, with the primary focus being his issues with Articulation, specifically the “R” sound. The PALS team is child friendly, upbeat and patient, as well as professional and extremely knowledgeable about their field.  The activities they plan are age appropriate, structured, and tailored to each individual child.  Meeting directly with PALS, in conjunction with the home program they provided for carry over has resulted in great improvements in my son’s articulation and language skills. In addition, the PALS team has been extremely flexible throughout the COVID -19 Pandemic as they have provided us with virtual services that continue to be relevant and motivating. As a Physical Therapist who works in the field of pediatrics myself, I am able to recognize that the team at PALS are experts in their field and I would strongly recommend them!

Mom of a 7 year old boy, Jericho NY
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